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What does your lip color say about you?

Lipstick is generally worn to match and compliment the outfit that you’re wearing. But there is that one shade that is your ultimate favorite of them all. This particular shade of lipstick can say a lot about your personality. However lipstick isn’t just a part of cosmetics anymore, it becomes a part of the wardrobe. Wardrobe, isn’t matchy, matchy anymore. You can add pops of colors that go well together and they will compliment each other really, really well. Take a look at this list and find out what your favorite color says about your personality.

Bright Reds
The bright red girl is the classic girl. You love all thing vintage. You may be living in this era but interacts like a dame from the 20’s-60’s. Your wardrobe is a mixture of vintage pieces intermingling with a modern day twist. Choosing this color shows the world that you are a passionate person. You want to be a part of the grandest social events there is. You are quite bold honey! You want the world to admire you. You are also quite a sensual being.
If you’re shy and start wearing red you may see yourself transform into becoming a bolder you. Ummmhmm!

Muted Red
A person wearing this prefers to be out of the limelight. Though this person isn’t boring they would rather not be seen too much like the bright red lipstick wearer.
This is a good first date lipstick. It shows your date that they have to work to get you, darling.

Wine color is quite seductive. You like to take things slow when it comes to love. You would prefer not to jump into the quickness of a relationship. You my dear, are a risk taker. You jump first and ask questions later.
If you want to spice up your relationship put on some wine lipstick and explore your sensual side.

The coral girl is quite friendly. You prefer peace, conflict is a no no. You love the outdoors and love finding ways to preserve the beautiful earth. Your car, its a hybrid. But you will ride your bicycle any chance you get. You’re a lover of the beach and hanging out with your close friends on a regular basis.

Light Pink
If you wear light pink lipstick you are quite cutesy. You like cute cuddly things like your teddy bear, your blanket or your boyfriend. Teehee! You are quite committed in your relationships. You like little cute animals, butterflies & bows. You are quite a wise person. Your ambitions are huge. You do not like scary things. You will not rough it in the wilderness. Your favorite phrase is awwwww….
If you’re in the mood to tone down your sometimes rough around the edge attitude you may want to put on some light pink lipstick.

Lip Gloss
You are actually a big dreamer. You have always dreamed of being famous in some form or fashion. If your dream comes true you keep your eye on the spotlight. You are the life of the party. Oh yeahhhhh! You are the first to arrive and always the last one to leave. Your energy is always popping!

This girl is a nurturer. She makes sure you are ok and shows genuine concern. If you need a shoulder to lean on she is your girl. She may be a bit on the shy side but once she’s known everybody loves her. This girl doesn’t mind attending an outdoor concert in the middle of summer. Neutral colors show a deep connection to nature and the earth.
This color helps people take you more seriously if thats your desire.

Bold Colors
When wearing colors like yellow, lime green, white, & blue to name a few you are showing that you are quite the creative person. You are the artist, free spirited, you don’t care if you’re different from the rest type of person.
If you are a person who cares too much about what people say about you then try one of these colors sometimes. Clear your mind of others thoughts about you, be free.

Hot Pink/Orange
Choosing these shades shows that you are quite adventurous! You say yessss to trying new things. You don’t mind exploring new adventures, trying new cuisines or making new friends. Your laughter is quite infectious. You are an extremely social with a bubbly and warm personality. You are quite passionate about what you do. You make sure you give 100% and make sure these goals are accomplished. Whether it’s a new job, working on a project or helping a friend, you’re on it.
If you’re shy, it’s ok! Just try a hot pink or orange & strut your stuff, honey!
What is your color of choice? Does your personality match your color of choice?