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Skincare Tip For Beauties In Their 40’s

Forty is the new 30 darling…….and if you’ve been maintaining your skin in your twenties and thirties you will see how beautiful your skin will be in your 40’s.  However at this stage in your life you will notice that you are experiencing some changes in your skin.  With hormonal changes you may experience drier skin. With proper care, this stage in life is when we are the most beautiful.

Glow Up

Every morning and evening wash your face with a gentle facial wash.  At least once a week you can use a gentle facial exfoliator to slough off dead skin.  Use a serum in the daytime that contains vitamins C & E.  In the evening use one that contains retinol & vitamin A.  One of the most important part of your regime is moisturizing.  Use a moisturizer that contains SPF protection so you don’t have to apply separately.  Look for those that says UVA & UVB protection with at least SPF 30 protection.  For bedtime choose a super moisturizing night cream or a facial oil. Oils such as argan and macula oils are know to be great to maintain the elasticity of the skin. To protect your gentle eye area use an eye cream.


Its important to get plenty of exercise, eat well and stay hydrated. Exercise is not only good for building strength and muscles.  It’s known to help benefit the skin the same way it does the bones and muscles.  It helps strengthen and in some instances tightened the skin and helps with bettering your complexion.


Your glow outside starts form within.  Foods that are hydrating & low processed are excellent for younger looking skin. Food with lots of antioxidants are perfect for your diet.  Try eating fruits like blueberries, blackberries and green vegetables. Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water per day to remain hydrated.

Are you in your 40’s?  Tell  us your regime.

My beautiful model Gloria is a mom & a small business owner from St. Croix U.S.V.I currently living in New Mexico.  Gloria is a makeup enthusiast.  She loves supporting and uplifting other women like herself.  Look at how beautiful she is.

Gloria said: “I believe life isn’t over until it’s over and anyone can be anything they wish. Live well but humbly. Be kind but strong. Always give your best in anything you do. As women we are the salt of the earth and our families are our legacies.”

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Kissez of Nature-Luffa

Luffa also spelled Loofah, is a plant that is relative to the cucumber that produces large gourds that are fiberous internally. These fibers are dried and treated and is what becomes a luffa scrubber.

Luffa facts:

  • Luffa is grown on vines.
  • Luffa is a grown in the tropical and subtropical regions.
  • When some species of luffa is about six inches long it can be eaten like a vegetable.
  • Luffa seeds are sometimes pressed for the oil to cook with.
  • When it is mature that’s when the spongy, fibrous material is formed.

Body benefits:

With gentle circular movement the luffa aids in removing the dry, dead skin & helps with circulation which improves the look of your skin. It also sweeps away where bacteria and soil can collect.

It is important that you care for your loofah. Since this is an organic product, if this item is not cared for properly you can cause issues that may be harmful to yourself. Rinse your loofah after every use. Dry your loofah completely after every use. Sanitize your loofah at least once a week. You can place your loofah in a clean microwaveble bowl in some water and microwave for a few minutes to kill bacteria. You should replace your loofah at least every 3-4 weeks.

Exfoliating at least once a week is recommended to prevent over sloughing of the skin.

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Fab Tips For Glowing Skin

Soaking in a bath tea, salt soak or our milk bath will help with softening & detoxing your skin.  Taking time to relax in a bath also helps with clearing your mind.

To keep your face blemish free, make sure you are changing your pillowcases at least once or twice a week.

Don’t forget to clean your makeup tools before using again.  Doing this will prevent bacteria build ups & breakouts.

Exfoliate your body once a week with our body scrub to slough off dead skin.  The wonderful ingredients will help brighten up your skin and give you a wonderful glow.

Moisturize from face to feet.  I love using our fab body butters to moisturize my skin, they feel so amazing and brings out the beauty of your skin.  For the face use a light moisturizer that is great for your skin type.