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Fab Tips For Glowing Skin

Soaking in a bath tea, salt soak or our milk bath will help with softening & detoxing your skin.  Taking time to relax in a bath also helps with clearing your mind.

To keep your face blemish free, make sure you are changing your pillowcases at least once or twice a week.

Don’t forget to clean your makeup tools before using again.  Doing this will prevent bacteria build ups & breakouts.

Exfoliate your body once a week with our body scrub to slough off dead skin.  The wonderful ingredients will help brighten up your skin and give you a wonderful glow.

Moisturize from face to feet.  I love using our fab body butters to moisturize my skin, they feel so amazing and brings out the beauty of your skin.  For the face use a light moisturizer that is great for your skin type.

2 thoughts on “Fab Tips For Glowing Skin

  1. My favorite product right now is charcoal face wash. I’d stopped cleansing properly and this has me back on track. Wiping it away with hot water is so relaxing!

    1. Oh yeah! Charcoal is my fave also Riya. Thanks for sharing!

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