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Fab Tips For Glowing Skin

Soaking in a bath tea, salt soak or our milk bath will help with softening & detoxing your skin.  Taking time to relax in a bath also helps with clearing your mind.

To keep your face blemish free, make sure you are changing your pillowcases at least once or twice a week.

Don’t forget to clean your makeup tools before using again.  Doing this will prevent bacteria build ups & breakouts.

Exfoliate your body once a week with our body scrub to slough off dead skin.  The wonderful ingredients will help brighten up your skin and give you a wonderful glow.

Moisturize from face to feet.  I love using our fab body butters to moisturize my skin, they feel so amazing and brings out the beauty of your skin.  For the face use a light moisturizer that is great for your skin type.

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Scents of my Island

Hailing form the Caribbean, St. Croix USVI to be exact. I wanted to create fabulous scents that reminded me of the place where God wanted me to experience first.  I didn’t want to create scents for Island Kissez just because everyone else had them or because they were “popular”.  I intertwined scents that were tropically inspired and very much so desired.  These scents that I mix sometimes remind me of sipping a fruit punch on the beach, which I did recently when I visited St. Croix in January.  The rain pounding on our galvanized rooftops, the lime trees that we grew in our back yards, the mango trees that bent low enough for you to pick and enjoy immediately.  The scent of guava trees wafting as the breezes blow and all of the other amazing scents the breezes offer you as it kisses your nostrils ever so gently.

One of the scent that I created that reminds me of this is my Beach Petals scent.  Beach Petals is made with a zest of citrus, the sweet floral scent of jasmine and a splash of tropical fruitiness all mixed.  It’s reminiscent of being on vacation sitting on a beach and inhaling all of the tropical goodness.

Calypso is like a tropical party in a jar.  It’s a combination of mango, guava, coconut and other yummy smelling tropical scents all splashed together to create this musically, fruity smelling junction.  In the caribbean Calypso is one of the many types of music that we listen to.  The rhythmic sounds of the instrument makes you want to dance, just like our Calypso scent.  Yesssss!!!

Citrus Mist is infused with a drop of lime a splash of cherry blossom and a tiny bit of other fruity scents.  This is the scent that reminiscent of eating a cherry limeade fraco on a hot summer day.  Franco for us in the islands is like shaved ice, Italian ice or snow cone elsewhere.

Spring Rain is infused with pomegranate, green tea and a light floral combination.  This scent reminds me of course of beautiful, tropical rainy days.  When the raindrops pour from the heavens and sprinkle onto the botanicals then releases the aromas in the air.  How refreshing does that sound?

Divine is the delectable scent of apple with a nice earthy undertone.  This scent reminds my of the rainforest. The very light scent of the apple scent and the earthy undertone smells like how the rainforest smells after the rain.  Oh so fresh and clean.

These five scents are some of the first scents created since Island Kissez started five years ago!  They are the all time favorite scents.  What’s your favorite Island Kissez scent?  Let me know in the comment section below or if you haven’t tried any yet they are waiting for you to try.



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What does your lip color say about you?

Lipstick is generally worn to match and compliment the outfit that you’re wearing. But there is that one shade that is your ultimate favorite of them all. This particular shade of lipstick can say a lot about your personality. However lipstick isn’t just a part of cosmetics anymore, it becomes a part of the wardrobe. Wardrobe, isn’t matchy, matchy anymore. You can add pops of colors that go well together and they will compliment each other really, really well. Take a look at this list and find out what your favorite color says about your personality.

Bright Reds
The bright red girl is the classic girl. You love all thing vintage. You may be living in this era but interacts like a dame from the 20’s-60’s. Your wardrobe is a mixture of vintage pieces intermingling with a modern day twist. Choosing this color shows the world that you are a passionate person. You want to be a part of the grandest social events there is. You are quite bold honey! You want the world to admire you. You are also quite a sensual being.
If you’re shy and start wearing red you may see yourself transform into becoming a bolder you. Ummmhmm!

Muted Red
A person wearing this prefers to be out of the limelight. Though this person isn’t boring they would rather not be seen too much like the bright red lipstick wearer.
This is a good first date lipstick. It shows your date that they have to work to get you, darling.

Wine color is quite seductive. You like to take things slow when it comes to love. You would prefer not to jump into the quickness of a relationship. You my dear, are a risk taker. You jump first and ask questions later.
If you want to spice up your relationship put on some wine lipstick and explore your sensual side.

The coral girl is quite friendly. You prefer peace, conflict is a no no. You love the outdoors and love finding ways to preserve the beautiful earth. Your car, its a hybrid. But you will ride your bicycle any chance you get. You’re a lover of the beach and hanging out with your close friends on a regular basis.

Light Pink
If you wear light pink lipstick you are quite cutesy. You like cute cuddly things like your teddy bear, your blanket or your boyfriend. Teehee! You are quite committed in your relationships. You like little cute animals, butterflies & bows. You are quite a wise person. Your ambitions are huge. You do not like scary things. You will not rough it in the wilderness. Your favorite phrase is awwwww….
If you’re in the mood to tone down your sometimes rough around the edge attitude you may want to put on some light pink lipstick.

Lip Gloss
You are actually a big dreamer. You have always dreamed of being famous in some form or fashion. If your dream comes true you keep your eye on the spotlight. You are the life of the party. Oh yeahhhhh! You are the first to arrive and always the last one to leave. Your energy is always popping!

This girl is a nurturer. She makes sure you are ok and shows genuine concern. If you need a shoulder to lean on she is your girl. She may be a bit on the shy side but once she’s known everybody loves her. This girl doesn’t mind attending an outdoor concert in the middle of summer. Neutral colors show a deep connection to nature and the earth.
This color helps people take you more seriously if thats your desire.

Bold Colors
When wearing colors like yellow, lime green, white, & blue to name a few you are showing that you are quite the creative person. You are the artist, free spirited, you don’t care if you’re different from the rest type of person.
If you are a person who cares too much about what people say about you then try one of these colors sometimes. Clear your mind of others thoughts about you, be free.

Hot Pink/Orange
Choosing these shades shows that you are quite adventurous! You say yessss to trying new things. You don’t mind exploring new adventures, trying new cuisines or making new friends. Your laughter is quite infectious. You are an extremely social with a bubbly and warm personality. You are quite passionate about what you do. You make sure you give 100% and make sure these goals are accomplished. Whether it’s a new job, working on a project or helping a friend, you’re on it.
If you’re shy, it’s ok! Just try a hot pink or orange & strut your stuff, honey!
What is your color of choice? Does your personality match your color of choice?

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Kissez of Nature-Beeswax

Beeswax is a natural emulsifier that infuses skin creams, facial & lip care products with the delicate rich scent of honey while sealing in moisture. It covers skin with a light protective layer that allows the skin to breathe. When beeswax is added to body care products it melds perfectly with oils, butters and water allowing the ingredients to mix perfectly. Not only does beeswax allow oils, butters and water to mix, it adds healing, soothing and deep moisturizing properties to these skin care products.

Moisturizing Benefits Of Beeswax

When the seasons change the body can go through a lot of changes also.  Beeswax protects the skin from the drying and damaging effects of these environmental changes. The wax is quite soft & pliable, seals in moisture and keeps harmful pollutants and irritants off of the body & out of your pores.  At the same time, it penetrates deeply into the skin for long lasting, penetrating moisture. When skin cells are well moisturized, they plump up creating smooth skin and reducing visible wrinkles.

Acne: The effectiveness of beeswax for acne treatment and control is well known. It has strong antiseptic, healing, and anti-inflammatory properties that are effective in the treatment of acne. Beeswax contains vitamin A, which is an added advantage in the treatment of acne. It is also an excellent skin softener and emollient that helps maintain a smooth skin texture after acne elimination. A combination of non-comedogenic skin care products, diet, and exercise is the best way to control and prevent acne. Non-comedogenic products contain ingredients that are non clogging for the pores.

Dry skin: The ability of beeswax to lock in moisture has made it an important ingredient in a variety of lotions and creams for treating dry skin. Its rich vitamin A content and emollient properties help in the healthy development of skin cells. It is a natural moisturizer that not only treats dry skin, but also helps prevent it.

Eczema: Beeswax is a great treatment for skin ailments like eczema that cause an itchy skin rash. Eczema is a common skin ailment especially during the colder months that results in extremely dry skin. A mixture of beeswax, olive oil, and honey is effective in relieving the symptoms of eczema as well as psoriasis. The medicinal properties of beeswax help in reducing eczema inflammation and prevent further infection.

Lip care: The natural moisturizers in beeswax make it a good balm for the lips. You can easily treat cracked or chapped lips with the help of topical beeswax applications. Lip balms can be made by combining beeswax with vitamin E oil, coconut oil, honey, and essential oils etc.

Stretch marks: Stretch marks are common during pregnancy, because of weight gain, weight loss or other natural occurrences. You can combine beeswax with an array of oils, vitamin E oil, and several butters especially cocoa butter to prepare a natural remedy for preventing and treating stretch marks.

Beeswax is the business!!!

Check out our selection of body butter that contains locally sourced beeswax.